Godrej Electrak Lighting Trunking

Electrak International is UK based manufacturer of flexible power distribution systems. Electrak products are extensively used to distribute power throughout the Europe, Asia in offices, retail and industrial buildings.



Quick to install due to its Push-Fit arrangement.

Electrak has applied its expertise in the under floor trunking & overhead power distribution system with cost effective lighting control.

Electrak System is designed to suit today's work places, offices, industries aesthetic, space restriction, and health & safety requirements.

Insulation use in lighting trunking is environment friendly with LSOH value (Low Smoke Zero Halogen).

Under Floor Trunking

Available 16A -63A with various configurations from single phase to 3phase & 3wire to 6wire.

IP 4X with galvanized steel housing.

PTFE bus bar insulators.

Short circuit withstand capacity 16KA approved by ASTA.

Under floor trunking has various accessories such as tap off units, end feed units, floor grommets, floor outlet boxes, Intrasock etc.

13A -32A tap off units with & without fuse, for protection of tapings.

Tap of units, socket outlets are made up of fire retardant poly carbonate.

Floor grommet & floor outlets, which allow simple access to service under floor.

16A Round pin sockets , totally modular.

Widely used in BPOs, Software Industries and Offices.

Overhead Trunking

25A to 40A Lighting & Power Distribution System.

Tap Off Points can be provided on both sides.

IP 4X to IP 54 Ingress protection, with galvanized steel housing.

Short circuit withstand capacity 16KA approved by ASTA.

Internal communication bus.

The robust easy fix modular system permits loads to be suspended directly from trunking using various fixing brackets.

System Certifications

Electrak products are quality certified by the Association of Short Circuit Testing Authorities (ASTA) and to ISO 9001.

Manufactured within an approved ISO 9001: 2008 facility

The entire product range is approved to ASTA Standard 138

BS EN 60439–2 : 2000

BS 7671 : 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installation (lEE Wiring Regulations)

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