Sandwich Busways



1kA to 5 kA


Busways (Sandwich Construction) form a compact, reliable, low reactance connection between Transformers, Panels and small size Generators. They are ideally suited forPower distribution in high rise buildings, factories and commercial complexes and Utilities.


Low Reactance, Extremely Compact


Conductor Support

The Sandwich Busways are designed to operate in the most onerous environmental conditions and meet the stringent international specifications. They meet the requirements of IEC – 439 ( Part II ). The Busways have been Type Tested for a wide range of parameters.

Spring Loaded Insulators

The enclosures are made out of extruded Aluminium sections. This provides structural rigidity and dimensional stability apart from a very aesthetic look. The extruded busbars are formed, sandwiched with requisite insulation, pressed inside the enclosure and riveted to provide a compact Busbar System.

Insulator Replacement

The Aluminium enclosure provides protection against the most onerous atmosphere. All hardware and fixings on the enclosures are made of stainless steel to prevent occurrence of corrosion. The Busways are manufactured in standard Lengths, Horizontal & Flat bends, Tees, Expansion Joints and Terminations arrangements. These can be supported from ground, ceiling or from roof with standardized rolled steel sections for ease of installation.

Enclosure Support

Busways when used as Rising Mains are provided with standard Tap-Off arrangements. These can be either in Fixed or Plug-in version. Fixed and Spring Loaded supports are available for supporting the Busways in vertical configuration. Tap-Off boxes with Switch-Fuse units or Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are available for downstream distribution.

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