Segregated Phase Busducts (SPBD) &
Non-Segregated Phase Busducts (NSPBD)

Generator Auxiliary Compartment (GAC) panel form the Interface between the Generator and Generator Transformer. This is a “Factory Built Assembly” that cuts down the installation time of a Medium Sized Generating Stations.



1.1 kV to 36 kV, 1 kA to 5 kA, 50 KA R.M.S & 127.5 kAP


Medium voltage power distribution between Transformers, panels and medium size Generators connection, Tap-off connections provided for SP-VT Cubicles, NG Cubicles, etc.


Ability to withstand large electro-dynamic forces during abnormal operating conditions.


Conductor Support

The Segregated Phase Busduct is designed to operate in the most onerous environmental conditions and meet the stringent international specifications.

Spring Loaded Insulators

The enclosures, except the top and bottom cover sheets, are made out of extruded Aluminium sections. This provides structural rigidity and dimensional stability apart from a very aesthetic look. All the extrusions comprising side rails, Insulator support channel, top & bottom tie channels and flanges are profiled to form a composite structure.

Insulator Replacement

Custom-made gaskets are fixed in the slots of the extrusions to provide the necessary degree of protection. The top & bottom cover sheets firmly fixed to the extrusion with clamping arrangement.

Enclosure Support

The insulator support channel is designed to withstand the short circuit forces transferred to the base of the insulator. Adjacent sections of enclosures are joined by spice plates to ensure best possible earth continuity throughout the entire length of the Busduct. All hardware and fixings on the enclosures are made of stainless steel to prevent occurrence of corrosion The Insulators are mounted on neoprene rubber pads to relieve stress at the base of the insulators.

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