3D Core Transformers

KOTSONS Pvt. Ltd., as a part of their continuous efforts towards promotion of energy efficient and green technology environment has added a new product to their portfolio, the 3D Core transformers.

3D Core is a structure with 3 identical single frame continuously wound by several trapezoid tape; three pillars of the core shape a equilateral triangle and the 3 phases are symmetrical.

3-phase magnetic circuits of the core are completely balanced; the magnetization direction is identical with the direction of rolling of silicon steel, magnetic flux distribution is even with neither lap nor seam; there is neither obvious high resistance area nor distortion of density of magnetic flux at the seams.



Advantages of 3D Transformers over conventional stack core / wound core type transformers:

3D Core transformer is an energy-saving transformer with better structure and performance. It has the following outstanding benefits:

• Reduced Material- Less Weight
• Reduced Energy Loss-Energy Saver
• 3-Phase Equilibrium- Equal Load
• Low No-load Current
• Low Noise - Installation anywhere
• Overload Capacity-Natural Cooling
• Strong Emergent Short-circuit Protection
• Low Strength of Electromagnetic Field
• Low Current Harmonic Spectrum
• Anti-theft

Applicable standards : IEC / ANSI / BS / IS / SABS / CENELEC / GOST

Wide range of transformers in accordance to above standards with different combinations can be manufactured. The transformers are generally designed and manufactured to comply with the IEC publications 60076.

Range : From 50 kVA to 5000 kVA

Insulation level £ 12 kV £ 24 kV £ 36 kV

• Indoor / Outdoor installation
• Conductor : Copper or Aluminum as per customer’s requirement
• Color : as per customer’s requirement
• Safety devices can also be provided upon request
• Top Oil Temperature rise : as per customer’s specification


• CSP (Completely Self Protected) feature can be provided up to 400 kVA
• Cooling : ONAN/ONAF as per customer’s requirement
• Cooling arrangement : Corrugation or Pressed steel Radiators
• On Load Tap Changer with RTCC & AVR, can be provided above 500 kVA if required

• Average winding temperature rise : as per customer’s specification
• Hermetically sealed type (with gas cushion / fully filled) / Conventional type (with Conservator)
• Maximum ambient temperature : as per customer’s specification
• Other optional fittings as required can be provided upon request

Key Strengths


To provide competitiveness in price with continuous improvement in quality.


Assurance to deliver goods on time, A basic requirement for any transformer company.


Provide optimum productivity through improved working methods for employees.


We ensure involvement & cooperation of our employees via effective communication.

With Expertise spanning almost four decades in transforming power into efficient energy that's safe for users and the environment, Kotsons has emerged as the undisputed leader in providing quality and reliable transformer manufacturing.

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